South Salt Lake needs a New Mayor & City Council Members with Leadership to Service the People

I call the Public Works Department in South Salt Lake to see about my Sidewalk Replace and see if they do the Front Parking Strip. They said would only do the Sidewalk, I was told the City would not do the Parking Strip. My Front Parking Strip in very unsafe. I have a traumatic brain injury as result I Judgement and Balance Problems I am Scare that I will Fall.

South Salt Lake City needs Community Liaisons for the Seniors, Disabled and Service the Low-Income, that would sure that there needs are being met, also work with Code Enforcement and Public Works that thing are Safe and See if they need any Help to do Yard Work that needs to be done. See about getting Residents and Volunteer groups to Help out.  Restore Spring and Fall Clean Up.

These are the Candidates that have the Leadership Skills to Service Derk Pehrson Mayor, Kevin Rapp District 2, Ben Hauser 3 and  Debbie Snow at Large.


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