South Salt Lake needs New Leadership to bring Healthly Development

According Mayor Cherie Wood facebook page it says 686 new businesses and over 50 new restaurants from 2010 to 2012.  Where are these businesses and restaurants, all I can see strip clubs, bars, Pay-Day and Tile loans businesses, there are so many empty businesses.  South Salt Lake City needs a large Grocery Store and other places to go shop. South Salt Lake needs wise development to help plan for 2016 sale tax reapportionment throughout the state to try avoid a property tax increase.  South Salt Lake needs strong leadership to help strengthen it own local economy and also keep more dollars in South Salt Lake City.

Mayor Cherie Wood with no more Swat Team and Fewer officers on duty at any one time it makes it difficult to have a effective Citywide Community Oriented Policing and Neighborhood Watch Programs.



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