South Salt Lake needs Open & Transparent Government

Boyd Marshall you do not Represent the Residents, Boyd Marshall you are City Council Member that Residents cannot you call about Issues in the City you have YELL at I and other Residents. Boyd Marshall it is your Responsibility to go let State, County, or UTA to stand up for the Residents, I have gone many Meeting to Speak at I have seen other Elected Officials.  Boyd Marshall you can’t even go out and Campaign to talk to the Residents to see what the Issues are.

Mayor Cherie Wood, Boyd Marshall  there no Integrity , No Accountability or even Open and Transparent and Transparent Local Government.

Boyd Marshall it does no good to go to City Council Meeting went City Council does not Listen to Residents or show Respect. Boyd Marshall every City Council Meeting the Council has Closed-Door.

Stop making up Excuses about Spring and Fall Clean it Cheaper to do Dumpers one a year.

Mayor Cherie, Boyd Marshall and the rest of the City Council turn down a Ofter from Salt Lake County too buy Granite High School.  Mayor Cherie Wood, Boyd Marshall and the rest of the City Council said No Thank You South Salt Lake want total control of the Property.  Mayor Cherie Wood, Boyd Marshall and the rest the City Council Wasted $2 Millions trying to Acquire Granite High School.

Mayor Cherie Wood, Boyd Marshall and the rest of City Council why did  the City Buy Property own by Casey Fitts Current City Member “that a Total Conflict of Interest” at $400,000. The Property is about 2100 State Street  Between Boat World and Check City the is of no use to the City.

Mayor Cherie Wood, Boyd Marshall have no Plans for 2016 major shortfall in annual Income because of Sale Tax.  South Salt Lake is not Business Friendly and has many Empty Building. By Re-Electing Mayor Cherie Wood & Boyd Marshall they will be a Property Tax Increase. They have already Raised are Water and Sewer to Help Pay for Salaries and Benefits.  Mayor Cherie Wood is the 7 Highest Payed Mayor in the State of Utah.

Boyd Marshall  you sure have make a lot of Mistakes for one not taking the time to Listen to the Residents you have Yelled at me and other Residents. You have never come to my door about Concerns in the City.

Voting for Mayor Cherie Wood and Boyd Marshall they are the “ON THE MOVE TO BANKRUPTING CITY”


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