The StreetCar Goes Through the Arm-Pit of the South Salt Lake

Mayor Cherie Wood where is your Leadership in moving the city in a Positive Direction & Stop Wasting Taxpayers & Really Start Servicing the Residents of South Salt Lake City.

You do not have Real Plan come 2016 we are Facing a $2.8 Million Dollar Deficit. South Salt Lake has a lot of Empty Business a Long State Street.

Why did South Salt Lake Spent Nearly 7 Millions to Buy Land on State Street and act as a Real Estate Speculator with our Tax Dollars?

Why did South Salt Lake Spent $5 Million Dollars on the Streetcar?

Mayor Cherie Wood you Wasted $300,000 on Granite High alone.

South Salt Lake City Wasting $27,000 of our Tax Dollars on the News Letters. I will be Canceling News Letter Tomorrow to Help Save on the Printing.

Mayor Cherie Wood does not about the Kids in our Community. A Good Transit System Encourage a Better Educated Population.

I would Support Mayor Cherie Wood for Receiving Award for the Elected Official that has Wasted the most Taxpayers Dollars.


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