UTA does not Care about Air Quality or Need for a Good Bus System

I have been Advocate for a Friendly Car-Free & Transit -Oriented System. Poverty is Increasing at a very Fast, People need a Car in Order to go to, many Individual’s are going to a Pay-Day or Title Loan so they can Pay for Repairs on their Vehicles so they have Transportation to Work End Up Deep in Debt.  Also there is a Increasing Individual’s going to the Food Bank.

I have Tried Really hard to be the Voice for Individuals do not know how to Speak up & for the Individual’s that has given up the fight for a Good Bus System. On February 6, 2014 I was told by a UTA Employee that I used to have a lot Respect for, that I was the only Person needs the Route 203, that UTA was going to put back one Person. There are a lot of Working Poor, Disabled & Elderly the Live in my Neighborhood. UTA does not Care how long its take for People Commutes, it Encourages many Individuals Drive.

FrontRunner is Diesel-Guzzling. FrontRunner UTA is even Bigger Net Polluter of NOx than before, Hundreds of Tons Worse. Vehicles are the Worse Polluters. UTA has one of the Best Rail System in the Country. Utah has Worse Air Quality in the Country.

Sugarhouse StreetCar goes through the Arm Pit of South Salt Lake & Sugarhouse to no where. What a Total Waste of Taxpayers Dollars.

UTA Executives only Care about Ridership on Trax, FrontRunner & StreetCar so they can Earn there Excessive Salaries & Bonuses at Taxpayers Expense. The Corruption Continue.



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