Why I do not Support the Sale Tax Increase

There alot Management at Utah Transit Authority. Drivers for Paratransit are having to Drive Clear Town to Pick-Up one person instead Several Individuals along the Wasting alot of Money Wasted for that one Pick-Up. In this High Tech World we live in UTA can do alot better Job at Managing the Pick-Up. That right if UTA so the Federal Government how much it Costing UTA to Operate Paratransit the Money the Federal Government give UTA.

The Mobility Center is for the Disabled & Elderly come see if they Qualified for Paratransit. UTA Paratransit to Pick them Up $39 Dollars Each Way, then it Cost $110 for each Evaluation. The Money Used at the Mobility Center & reduce for Paratransit could used for a Good Bus System. That Right UTA wants to show the Federal Government they Servicing the Disabled & Elderly so UTA can get more Federal Dollars.

Utah Transit Authority one of the Best Rail Systems in the Country. The Rail System was Overbuild making it not Sustainable Transportation without a Good Bus System.

The most Important thing to UTA Executives is to bring lots of Federal Dollars, get the Projects get under Budget &  Ridership on Trax, FrontRunner & StreetCar. So UTA Executives Earn their Excessive Salaries & Bonuses at Taxpayers Expense. This is not Servicing the People this is Servicing Yourself. So you can Retire BILLIONAIRE like JOHN INGLISH.

The Federal Government is Broke we are Borrowing from China, there going to come a Day that our Government is going to Collapse.


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