UTA needs to Address the real need for a Good Bus System

Utah Transit Authority has Hurt Hundreds, Hundreds & Hundreds of People. There a lot of Individuals that have Lost their Job because the have Lost their Transportation to Work, there are many Individuals that needs to Walk Blocks to go to a Bus Stop or Trax & many Individuals have Lost their Independence.

Trax is Running at 5:00 A.M. Why can’t Buses be Running at 5:00 A.M.? To Help out Workers.

I have been Fighting against the Destruction of the Bus System since before August 2007 one of the first Major Bus Route Canceling. In September 2011 just after UTA Cancel Route 203, I found out that Husband had Borrow Money from Pay-Day Loans & One Title Loan in Order to Help our Car Repair. My Husband needs a Vehicle to go to & from Work. I sold a Barbie that one my Grandmother gave me, some other Dolls & some Dolls that was given to me by a Friend gave me to Sell to Help Pay off the Title Loan so we would not Lose our Car. My Husband & I had to take out Bankruptcy. Now I trying to Sell more things so I can Finally go into Business for my Self. Just because I have traumatic brain injury I still have alot of Talent.

I not only Lost my Independence for Bus Route being Canceled but I also end up Deep in Debt for Pass Cancellation of Bus Routes & having to take out Bankruptcy. Thanks to UTA. 

Utah Transit Authority is not a Friendly Car-Free & Transit Oriented System .


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