There no Good Reason for the Bonuses

Rep Greg Hughes Chairman of the UTA Board of Trustees, how much did Pay you to LIE?  Rep Hughes is no Fan of Public Transit the only time he get on a Bus, Trax or FrontRunner is for a Photo Opt. A Majority of the UTA Board of Trustees are not on the Board to Service People, they are it to make their Resume look Good.

What has Utah Transit Authority Accomplished?  Utah Transit Authority one of the Best Rail System in the Country but very Poor Bus System. In order for a Majority People to take Trax & FrontRunner need to Drive to Park & Ride Lots.

UTA has Hurt Hundreds, Hundreds & Hundreds of People. There are a lot People that have Lost their Job because they have Lost their Transportation too Work, there many Individuals that needs to Walk Blocks to go to a Bus Stop or Trax & many Individuals have Lost their Independence.

Trax is Running at 5:00 A.M. Why can’t Buses be Running at 5:00A.M.? To Help out Workers.

UTA has very Poor Customer Service. Utah Transit Authority is not a Friendly Car-Free & Transit Oriented System

The Corruption at UTA is Worse then what John Swallow did,  because there has been Billions, Billions & Billions of Taxpayers Dollars Involved. UTA Executives are able to Retire Billionaire at Taxpayers Expense.


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