The Excessive Bonuses are Important to UTA Executives

Utah Transit Authority Board Trustees approves $1.9 Million Bonuses for UTA Executives. UTA Executives did not Earn one Penny of Bonuses at Taxpayers Expense. UTA has one of the Best Rail Systems in the country, but a  very Poor Bus System. Ridership on the Streetcar is very Poor, I have been  in Sugar House three times each time the Streetcar has gone by it has been empty each time.

UTA has very Poor Customer Service also hurt Hundreds, Hundreds & Hundreds of People. There a lot People have given up Calling Customer Service or going to Public Hearing also there many Individuals that just do not know how to Speak Up. Here is my Story.

I have been Fighting against the Destruction of the Bus System since before August 2007 one of the first Major Bus Routes Canceling. In September 2011 just after UTA Cancel Route 203, I found out that Husband had Borrow Money from Pay-Day Loans & One Title Loan in Order to Help our Car Repair. My Husband needs a Vehicle to go &  from Work. I sold a Barbie that one my Grandma gave me, some other Dolls &  some Dolls that was given to me by a Friend gave me to Sell to Help Pay off the Title Loan so we would not lose our Car. My Husband & I had to take out Bankruptcy. I not only Lost my Independence for Bus Route being Canceled but I also end up Deep for Debt for Pass Bus Routes & Bus Routes Changes & having to take out Bankruptcy.

Taking the Fixed Route Bus System was very Therapeutic for me. I enjoy going to wait at the Bus Stop getting  on making new friends real  Freedom, only use Paratransit went I need it.  My Health Problems are increasing  my Depression is getting Worse, I am having Dizzy Spells like like I am having Seizures.  It has no good to call Customer Service or ADA Compliance Officer.  




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