South Salt Lake is On the Move for Economic Disaster

     All there is in South Salt Lake City is Bars, Used Car Lots Pay-Day & Title Loans Businesses.

      The Sugar House Street Car is a Disaster very Poor Ridership, People are not going to $2.50. The Development for the Sugar House  Street Car is nothing but a Waste very Poor Bus System. Plus the Street Car to Slow.

    Mayor Wood you are so Proud of the PAL Boxing Gym, you support Teaching Kids how to Fight. Giving a Real Chance for the Kids to get a Traumatic Brain Injury, all it takes is a Mild Brain Injury it can change a Person Life Forever.

     Mayor Wood the Newsletter is a way so you can Control what is being Written , so the True does not get out.

    South Salt Lake City is on the Move for a Economic Disaster there is No Real Plan for Economic Develop.

     Mayor Wood you need to Wake Up Realize the City is going to be in Real Trouble come 2016. You need to get a  New Team of People around you that know how to Help the City Increase Sale Tax. To Help out with $2.8 Million Dollar Deficit come 2016 so there a Major Property Tax Increase. Mayor you need to get to Work & Really get the Business of South Salt Lake City. Mayor Wood start showing your Leadership Skills so South Salt Lake City can really be On the Move.


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