How Much More are Taxpayers need to Pay

   I really enjoy the regular fixed Route Bus System it used to give me real Freedom,  I would see a lot my friends also make new friends,  go shopping. Three year ago UTA Cancel the Route 203 limiting my Mobility.  Two Weeks ago I was approve for Utah Taxpayers to Pay for Partransit  it Costs $4.60 each a Total of $1000 ontil  May of 2015. It will not meet all my needs it is only 20 Trip a Month I could go a lot more places with the regular Bus System. But if Disabled Individual do not Qualify for Help they Pay $4.00 each way making unaffordable limiting Mobility. Before they cancel my Bus Route I did not even spent a $100 Dollars a year on Partransit,  I only used it went I need it.

Taxpayers  Pay  75% to Subsidize the Disabled Fares for Paratransit. Because if Taxpayers did not Subsidize Fares for Paratransit UTA would be Force to Lower the Fare or Lose Federal Funding.  

There are many Disabled  that needs Partransit all  time, then those Individuals only need it once in a while. Utah Transit Authority doing nothing to reduce the need for Partransit.

    Utah Transit Authority has Hurt Hundreds, Hundreds & Hundreds of People. Many Individuals have lost their Job because they Lost their Transportation to Work,  there many Individuals need to Walk Blocks to a Bus Stop or Trax.  UTA Executives only will do what ever Increases their Excessive Salaries & Bonuses at Taxpayers Expense.

UTA receive APTA Award Outstanding Public Transportation System Award.  I would like to Challenge Everyone of UTA Executives & Board of Trustees to leave their Vehicle at Home & take Public Transportation.






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