Mike Allegra Restore the Bus System & Expand it

   The only way there is going be a increase in Ridership is if UTA Restore all the Bus Routes & Expand the Bus System also the Hive Pass.

I have been fighting against the Destruction of the Bus System since before August 2007 one of the Major Canceling of Bus Routes.  The Route 203 was Cancel in August 2011. I have been almost home bound 2 1/2 Years almost 3 Years then approved for the State of to Pay for my Paratransit,  the State of Utah is Pay $1000 at $4.60 each way. I did not even spent $100 a year when the there there Route 203, I only Route Partransit one or twice a month.  I am Conditional with would be fine with me but UTA Cut the Route 203,  they want me to transfer, I need to bring Walker if that case I will do it one way bring my sign & information about UTA.

Taxpayer are Paying 75% of the Fares for Paratranst.  If there was a Good Bus System UTA could reduce the need for Paratransit.  I really enjoy the Regular Bus System it is Real Freedom.

Mike Allegra Ridership very Poor on the StreetCar,  I do not know how UTA gets 900+  Ridership a Day Count 1 Person has 50 People.

I will Personally fight against any Sale Tax Increase. Why are UTA Executives are Retiring Billionaire?  When there is a Increase in Poverty from the Destruction of the Bus System.




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