There needs to be some real Changes at Utah Transit Authority

After the Transportation Interim Committee Meeting up to the Legislature. It prove to me that the only thing Mike Allegra CEO of UTA & the rest of UTA Executives will only do what will Helps Earn their Excessive their Excessive Salaries & Bonuses. A Good Bus System does not Earn the Excessive Salaries & Bonuses.

Mike Allegra CEO of UTA & the rest of  UTA Executives just do not care Customer Services. The Bus Drivers Schedules are so tight they are getting yelled at by Passengers & People calling in to Customer Concerns. Drivers are so Stress there is to come a day that a Passenger in Wheelchair will not be not properly tie down the Bus Driver will need to make a Quick Stop they will go flying. What good are is the Benefits with Bus Routes being so tight a majority of the Drivers can’t even take time to go to the Bathroom or even Eat, its no wonder a lot Drivers have Health Problems.

Mike Allegra CEO of UTA, Bruce Jones General Counsel & Jerry Benson need to move on, also take Rep Greg Hughes with you all he does is takes interest in what Helps his Political Career, he really does not care. The Corruption Needs to End.


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