Mike Allegra Utah Transit Authority a Model for Corruption & very Poor Customer Service

   Utah Transit Authority is making hard on me to do get out the True about the Corruption it started google that why I have downloaded from wordpress to my google blog but now it get harder for me to use it. If you a hard read this I am Sorry but Truth needs to get out.

Utah Transit Authority has one of the Best Rail Systems in the Country. In order to build the Rail System UTA Destroyed the Bus System. In order for UTA Executives could Earn their Excessive Salaries & Bonuses at Taxpayers Expense. A Good Bus System does not Earn the the Excessive Salaries & Bonuses.

       Taxpayers pay 75% of Fares for Paratransit. UTA has the           Mobility Center where they do Evaluation of the Disabled            & the Elderly. Paratransit Pick-Up for the Person for Free,            but the Federal Government Pay UTA $39.00 each, the                Evaluation it Self Cost $110 for each Person. The Cost for          the Building, Employees, all the Tax $$Dollars$$ being put          towards the Mobility Center could towards a Good Bus                System to go toward a Good Bus System reducing the               need for Paratransit.  

         Utah Transit Authority has very Good Benefits for the               Drivers but Good are they went their Bus Schedules so               tight making the Buses Late a Majority of the time, making           Passengers Late for Work or Appointment. Its a Scheduler         that Drives around in a Regular UTA Vehicle went Traffic is         slow Pick-Ups no Passengers get the Routes done in                record time. Many of the Drivers do not even have time to            the Bathroom or Eat.                                                                                                                                                                                      The Audit is not old News the Corruption Continues. Mike         Allegra was John Inglish Right Hand Man. Mike Allegra CEO       of UTA, Bruce Jones General Counsel & Jerry Benson                 Chief Operating Officer need to move on for the Corruption       to End.There is go to Ground Breaking for another DOT              on Monday.




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