Mike Allegra all you want is the Money

Mike Allegra all you want is the Money, all UTA Provides is very Poor Service. Utah Taxpayers are Payed for my Paratransit $4.60 each way a Total of $1000 from July 2014 to May 2015. The  reason I needed the Help UTA Cancel Route 203, I had been Home Bound  2 1/2 years except went someone would come & get me also I cannot afford Paratransit.  After Monday 15, 2015 I was schedule for a pick at a 11:00 A.M. but the schedule me for 12:00 pick-up, I am no scheduling a one way pick-up to the gym. I just want to get to the gym without being PAIN because of my Pelvic that broke in my accident also the damage my right leg. So take Paratransit one way I know the Bus System so I come home PAIN.  So now went call to get a pick-up sometimes because I am Conditional the person that phone try say I that Paratransit should not being picking me up.

Utah Transit Authority you Cancel Route 203 adding 2 extra blocks each way too my Trip. Mike Allegra do you want me have UTA give the Money back to the State their Money back, I will not need Paratransit other wise I can Pay for Paratransit for the other few places I go.

Taxpayers pay for 75% of Fares for Paratransit. Because if Taxpayers did not for Paratransit the Disabled could not afford it at $4.00 Each Way so UTA would be force to lower the Fare or lose Federal Funding.



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