Remi Barron get the real Facts

Mr. Barron doesn’t have a PHD, but he is well paid to Pile it Higher and Deeper. His complaints are trivial and absurd.

Among the minutia he forgot to mention:

1. Although UTA has multiplied the capital investment in its three main trip delivery modes by over 4,000% since 1996, its census bureau calculated share of work trips remains unchanged; 2.3% then vs. 2.4% now,…[referrenced to the nominal $80 million capital value of its bus system in 1996].
Consequently, UTA’s debt service payments, paid by our sales taxes, have rocketed from zip-nada-zilch in the bus era, to the vicinity of $80 million yearly now….which is why they want the Utah Legislature to refill their Money-Pit. They are so confident they can con the Legislature into regurgitating the money that they have hired one of Kennecott’s huge earth movers to haul it away.

2. In 1996, UTA’s bus system was recognized as the best and most cost effective mid-sized bus system in America by the APTA. Now it is one of the worst.

3. A few years back, a study was published in the Journal of Public Transportation…. UTA’s bus -rail system was graded as a very distant last place among five “new rail” cities regarding the joint performance of the new rail lines with the preexisting bus system. The study noted UTA trains had taken most of its riders from the bus system, leaving the bus system in failure mode.

4. The UTA-Rail-Insanity has propelled UTA’s per capita bus ridership down to its lowest level since 1975.

5. UTA managers have flipped their main purpose from being a transit agency that served the transit dependent..[then 80% share ] and the handicapped to being an agency that serves downtown Salt Lake and people who have cars and other options who now comprise 80% of riders, leaving just 20% share by transit dependent now.

Michael T. Packard


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