Mike Allegra I have had Enough of UTA not wanting to Provide Service

   I really enjoy the Fix Route System, I would be on the Fixed Route if Utah Transit Authority would not of Canceled Route 203. There was more Ridership on the Route 203 than on the StreetCar.  Are you Counting 1 Passenger as 75 everyone I talk too People that live in South Salt Lake or in Sugarhouse only see 1 or 2.

    I call the Paratransit Scheduling Line on 05-03-2015 the person that called with my Schedule to go to VASA Fitness gave me trouble about conditions I not would have any problems with my conditions if UTA did not Cancel Route 203.  I just take Paratransit to the Gym then Fixed Route home I do not care if I end up in Pain at lease I got to the Gym.  Home for the rest of the Day, unless take me some place.

   There only one Bus Route to the StreetCar in South Salt Lake City the Route 205. There is a so called Transit Development in the New Down Town South Salt Lake. There be a West Temple, Main Street and 300 East Bus Routes.

   I will be Focus on UTA Executives and UTA Board Trustees. Taking Buses out of Neighborhoods Increases Poverty and Crime.


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