UTA want a Sale Tax Increase, well give us FREE PUBLIC TRANSIT

Utah Transit Authority wants a Sale Tax Increase, well give us FREE PUBLIC TRANSIT, Taxpayers are not made of $$MONEY$$.

UTA has Good a Bus System in Down Town Salt Lake City, Avenues and the University of Utah, but there are parts of Salt Lake City where there is very Poor Bus Service. UTA has Destroyed the Bus System in the rest of Salt Lake County. Just so UTA could Build there Empire of Trax Lines and FrontRunner, so UTA Executives could Earn there Excessive SALARIES and BONUSES at TAXPAYERS EXPENSE, at the same time increasing POVERTY and CRIME.

I have a Friend that is a Drug Rehab Counselor, a Majority of her Clients have problems with Transportation because they cannot have Driver License. A very Poor Bus System makes it harder for these Individuals to have a Job and also get to Rehab Counseling. This a sure a set up many Individuals for Failure, get ready to Build another Jail.

Taxpayers are Paying 75% of the FARES for Paratransit. A Good Transit System could reduce the Cost and Need for Paratransit. The Regular Bus System is real Freedom.

UTA Executives and Board of Trustees does not Care about the Transit System.


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