UTA Executives and Board of Trustees just do not Care about the Transit System

  Yesterday May 26, 2015, I called to get a Pick-Up from Paratransit to go to VASA Fitness in Brickyard I was told it would be 7:15 Pick-Up & a 10:30 Pick-Up to go Home, I called about 7:45 to see where my Bus by Mistake the that took my call Schedule me for Yesterday instead of today, so I just Schedule a Way to the gym Pick-Up at 8:20, called someone for a ride home.  I would not had this problem if UTA had not been Canceled the Route 203.

Utah Transit Authority need to restore all the Bus Routes Restore & Expand, in order to  Reduce the Cost & Need for Paratransit.

Taxpayers Pay 75% of the Fares for Paratransit, because the Fare is $4.00 each way not affordable for the Disabled so the Taxpayers Pay $4.60 each way & $35.00 each way if the passenger needs to go to the doctor Etc.

Utah Transit Authority Destroyed the Bus System Hurting Hundreds, Hundreds & Hundreds People. Just so UTA could Build a Empire of Trax & FrontRunner so UTA Executives could Earn there Excessive SALARIES & BONUSES becoming BILLIONAIRE at TAXPAYERS EXPENSE. At the same time increasing Poverty & Crime.


Catmeow Public Transit  http://www.catmeowpublictransit.blogspot.com


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