Human Error Again “UTA needs a Good Bus System”

   Called on Saturday June 6,2015, to get a Pick-Up to go to Vasa Fitness in Brickyard on Monday 8,2015 the person that took the call make a mistake Schedule me for Tomorrow instead. If UTA not going to have a Good Bus System Utah Transit Authority needs a new System for Scheduling Paratransit, also need to get more People Scheduling Paratransit.

  Taxpayers Pay 75% of the Fares for Paratransit. It Cost $4.00 Each making not Affordable for the Disabled & the Elderly. No matter whether the Taxpayers Pay for Fare or the Passenger it still limit Disabled & Elderly from getting out in the Community.

   Utah Transit Authority Executives and Board Trustees does not Care about the Bus System.

   I am Voting NO on the SALE TAX Increase.


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