Taxpayers Pay 75% of Fares for Paratransit

The Regular Fixed Bus System is real FREEDOM I really Enjoy Talking to People, Making New Friends, Shopping, Going to See my Friends. I would only need Paratransit Two or Three Times a Month if Utah Transit Authority had a Real Good Bus System. The Costs and needs to be Reduce to Insure that is there for the Individuals that need Paratransit every day. Utah Transit Authority need to get a New Scheduling System also if UTA does not want to Provide a Good Bus System Hire more Employees to Schedule Pick-Up. On May 5,2015 then June 8, 2015 I had called to get Pick-Up for both days I was Scheduled on the day I had Scheduled, for May 5,2015 I receive 1 Point for a No Show then a ½ Point for a Late Cancel for UTA Mistake not my.

UTA needs to Eliminate the Mobility Center where UTA can see is if the Disabled and the Elderly Qualify for Paratransit. My Eligibility Conditions: Temperature below 40 degrees, Distance> 1 block, Snow and Ice, No Curb-Cuts or Sidewalks, Busy Street or Intersections also Infrequent Destination and/or Path of Travel. I had no problems with my Conditions ontil UTA Cancel Route 203, my need for Paratransit Increased because I Fracture my Pelvic and Damage my Right Thigh. The Cost for the Mobility Center could Help Pay for a Good Bus System.

UTA Executives and Board of Trustees does not Care about the Bus System.


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