Mike Allegra “Paratransit is no Special Service it is a Nightmare”

   Mike Allegra CEO of Utah Transit Authority where are your Leadership Skills. I go to Brain Injury Support Group last night, Talking to my friends that was there it has been a real nightmare over the years taking Paratransit it only getting Worse. UTA expect the Disabled & Elderly to be Perfect or they get points put against them then they many point they get suspend from taking Paratransit. Utah Transit Authority Destroyed the Bus System, so UTA could Build a Empire of Trax Lines and FrontRunner, just so UTA Executives could Earn Excessive Salaries and Bonuses at Taxpayers Expense, but at same time Increasing Poverty & Crime. UTA EXECUTIVES have become BILLIONAIRES at TAXPAYERS EXPENSE. UTA want a SALE TAX INCREASE. UTA Executives and Board of Trustees does not Care about the Transit System.


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