Utah Transit Authority you are Cutting Bus Stops on the Route 205

 I was at a South Salt Lake City Council meeting this evening was talking resident told me that UTA is Elimination of some Bus Stops on Route 205 making it harder for the Disabled, Elderly & Individuals that go Grocery Shopping. There only one Bus Route to the StreetCar the City of South Salt Lake City. Utah Transit Authority is Cutting Service not Increasing. UTA Executives and Board of Trustees does Care about the Bus System. The part of the  Sale Tax Increase that go to UTA will go to Help Improve Bus System in Down Town Salt Lake City & UTA Executives Salaries & Bonuses at Taxpayers Expense. In Order to get People Vote Yes giving City $$MONEY$$ for Road Repair, then in two or three years ask another Sale Increase. The so called Increase in Service will not even start to Solve for the Transportation Inequality. UTA Destroyed the Bus System, so UTA could build a Empire of Trax Lines and FrontRunner so UTA Executives could Earn Excessive SALARIES and BONUSES also become BILLIONAIRES at TAXPAYERS EXPENSE.  The Corruption Continues, FOLLOW THE $$MONEY$$.

Catmeow Public Transit  http://www.catmeowpublictransit.blogspot.com

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