The Economic Benefit UTA Executives Care is their Excessive Salaries and Bonuses at Taxpayers Expense

UTA show how to Destroy a Bus System, to build Trax Lines and FrontRunner, so UTA Executives can Excessive Salaries and Bonuses at Taxpayer Expense, at same time Increasing Poverty and Crime.

There no good reason to Eliminate Bus Stops on   the Route 205, might has well Cancel the Route 205. Making stops Far apart will reduce Ridership on the Route 205. UTA needs better Scheduling for Traffic, Disabled, Elderly, Shoppers and young moms. Planners & Schedulers make the Schedule Tight for the Bus Drivers. UTA Executives & Board of Trustees don’t Care the Bus System, UTA want Motorists to Drive to Park & Ride Lot to take Trax or FrontRunner.

Three Times in less then a month the persons that Scheduled my Paratransit Scheduled wrong I will be Honest it was Human Error, I have only been contacted about the first one. The only way to reduce the Cost & Need for Paratransit get a Bus System & get rid of the Mobility Center to Help Pay for a Good Bus System or UTA needs hire more Schedulers & more Drivers for Paratransit.  Catmeow Public Transit


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