Mike Allegra just have UTA Cancel Route 205

  Today I had Paratransit take me one way to 3900 South Trax Station, I took Trax to Central Station for the UTA Board Meeting. After I went over to Gateway to take Granddaughter to McDonald’s for Ice Cream then got on Trax to 4500 South Trax Station to get the Route 205 got to the Stop that get off at it being Eliminate, I was all ready hurting walking two extra Blocks. That what I like about Route 203 I get off the Bus, Walk in my House.

Utah Transit Authority needs to do better at Scheduling. UTA makes the Bus Schedule so Tight for the Bus Drivers.

I do what need to do now after being Home Bound for two years. I enjoy the Regular Bus System, I do not need to call schedule & have real Freedom. I would like it if all I needed to take Paratransit Once or Twice. I will be a Walking Bill Board. The Corruption Continues, “FOLLOW THE MONEY”


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