Happy 4th of July Utah Transit Authority & Board of Trustees

 Happy 4th of July Mike Allegra CEO of Utah Transit Authority and the rest of UTA Executives. I had another No Show by Paratransit I called July 2, 2015, to get a Pick-Up to go to VASA Fitness on July 3,2015, my Pick-UP was at 8:10 A.M. then a Pick-Up to come home was 11:30 A.M. try to call to see where my Bus was no was there to the call left message no one has called me back. UTA needs to Hire more Schedulers & Paratransit Drivers. Utah Transit Authority needs to restore all Bus Routes from before August 2007.  UTA Destroyed the Bus System, so UTA could Build a Empire of Trax Lines, FrontRunner & StreetCar, so UTA EXECUTIVES could EARN EXCESSIVE SALARIES and BONUSES also become BILLIONAIRES at TAXPAYERS EXPENSE. While at the same time Increasing POVERTY & CRIME.


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