Utah Transit Authority does not Care because Taxpayers will Pay

 I have had four Times that Paratransit has not shown I be Honest it is Human Error. They were May 27, 2015, June 8, 2015, June 16,2015 & July 3,2015, this would not be a Problem if UTA would have Cancel Route 2003 I Enjoy the Fixed Route System. Taxpayers Pay 75% of Fares for Paratransit, because the Fare is $4.00 each way, but Taxpayers Pay $4.60 each way. Taxpayers Pay for my Fare to go on Paratransit, I do not even get the Freedom that I had before Utah Transit Authority Cancel Route 203. UTA has Hurt Hundreds, Hundreds & Hundreds of Individuals. Utah Transit Authority Destroyed the Bus System, so UTA could Build a Empire of Trax Lines, FrontRunner & StreetCar, so UTA Executives would Earn Excessive Salaries & Bonuses also Billionaires at Taxpayers Expense. While at the same Time Increasing Poverty & Crime. UTA Executives & Board of Trustees does not Care about the Bus System. The Corruption Continues, “Follow the $$Money$$”.


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