It does No Good to Call Customer Concern at UTA

 I called on July 2, 2015 to get a Pick-Up for Friday July 3,2015 to go to VASA Fitness the Paratransit was a no show but the person that me Schedule me for July 4,2014 it was human Error. I called Monday has soon I had time to, it turn out it did me good to called I receive my No-Show Notice today I am one step closer to be Suspension from riding Paratransit because of UTA Mistake. There is a real need for a Good System to Help Reduce the Cost & Need for Paratransit. I am Individual that really enjoys the Regular Fitted Bus System. With a Good System I would only need Paratransit one or Twice a Month not every day. Taxpayers Pay 75% of the Fares for Paratransit because Costs $4.00 each way, I also one the Individuals that Taxpayers are Paying for, I was home bound for 2 1/2 years because UTA cancel my Bus Route could afford Paratransit. UTA needs to hire more Schedulers, Paratransit Drivers and Customer Concern People.  UTA Destroyed the Bus System, so they could Build a Empire of Trax Lines, FrontRunner & StreetCar, just UTA Executives could Earn Excessive Salaries and Bonuses become Billionaires at Taxpayers Expense. I would to say Thank You for the No-Show Post Card I will use has part of my Walking Bill Board. Mike Allegra CEO of UTA & the rest UTA Executives you do not need to Worry the Sale Tax Increase will Pass so you will get your Bonuses. “Just FOLLOW THE MONEY”


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