Mike Allegra does not Care because Taxpayers will Pay

Years ago went I was on Committee on Accessible Transportation (CAT) I was involved in getting the Freedom Access Pass, to Help Encourage the Disabled & Elderly to take the Regular Bus System for Free to Help Reduce the Need for Paratransit. I really enjoy the Regular Bus System it is real Freedom. Then in 2006 Voted for a Sale Tax Increase then in August 2007 UTA started Canceled Bus a Good Number of Bus Routes. UTA has Hurt Hundreds, Hundreds & Hundreds People, many Individuals Lost their Jobs because they Lost their Transportation to Work & also many Individuals Lost their Independence. Just so UTA could Build a Empire of Trax Lines, FrontRunner and StreetCar, so UTA Executives could Earn Excessive SALARIES and BONUSES because BILLIONAIRES at TAXPAYERS EXPENSE. Paul O’brian Chief Operating Officer $511,109, Michael Allegra CEO of UTA $397,970, and Jerry Benson Chief Operating Officer $306,046. While at the same time Increasing Poverty & Crime. I have standing up again Destruction of the Bus System since 2007, come August 2011 UTA Cancel Route 203, I was almost totally Home Bound for 2 1/2 year, then I was approved by the State of Utah to Pay for Paratransit, Taxpayers Pay 75% of the Fares for Paratransit. I still can’t go everywhere I need to go I am trying Rebuild my Life by going to the Gym to get into Shape and I also trying to go into my own Business, I can’t go Shopping or go Sell. UTA want TAXPAYERS DOLLARS but not Provide the Service. The Corruption Continues, “JUST FOLLOW THE $$MONEY$$”


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