Mayor Cherie Wood this is going to be your Legacy

South Salt Lake City is Utah most Expensive City. Residents Pay $64.26 of every $1000 to they Earned in Taxes and Fees to Run the City Government. Mayor Cherie Wood had the City Council give her a Pay Raise $6000 a Year for a Total of $118,535 Salary and Benefit. Mayor Cherie Wood receive a New Vehicle at Taxpayer Expense. At the same time time 5 Council Members out 7 Voted to give themselves a $200 Pay Raise a Month. Mayor Cherie Wood and 5 of the 7 City Council Members Refuse to Deal with the $8.2 Million Dollar Deficit come 2016, South Salt Lake City Residents are Facing a Big Property Tax Increase come 2016.

South Salt Lake City is the most Dangerous City in the State of Utah, very Poor Police Response and a very Poor Bus System. South Salt Lake City has Wasted Million Taxpayer Dollars on the StreetCar there is only one Bus Route to the Streetcar the Route 205. There no Transit Development to Help bring in more Sale Tax Dollars.

South Salt Lake City is Rushing to get a $13,000,000 Bond on the Ballot not letting Taxpayers know the Money will be Spent if it Passes, it will be up to the City Council to Decide 4 of the 7 Council Members will still be in Office ontil January 2016. The Bond is a Back Room Deal to Buy Granite High School School Property 5 of the 7 City Council will Vote in Favor.

South Salt Lake City is make up of Bars, Strip Clubs,     Used Car Lots and Pay-Day Loans Businesses. There is no real Development Happening. South Salt Lake City is losing Sale Tax Dollars Every Day many Residents do not like Shopping at Reams there no where else to Shop.

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