Find out November 18, 2015, about Prop 1 Fail or Passed

  Bishop Burton is the only UTA Board of Trustees member that I Trust, UTA needs New Board of Trustees People that use the Bus, Trax, FrontRunner and Streetcar. UTA needs to Eliminate Bonuses and reduce Salaries. UTA needs too reduce Department Heads.

   Scheduling of Paratransit is Totally mismanage Driver are being Expected to do Pick-Up of Two Clients at the same time at two Different Addresses end up going Clear Across Town. Scheduling of Paratransit is a Total Disaster alot Taxpayers $$DOLLARS$$ are being Wasted on Paratransit. There has to be a Computer System out there to Help with Scheduling. A Good Bus System would Reduce the Cost and Need for Paratransit. The Mobility Center Needs to be Eliminated.

   Jerry Benson Acting CEO of UTA and other UTA Executives needs to move on to Help Regain Public Trust.


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