Paratransit is a Real need Service, but UTA is Wasting Taxpayers $$DOLLARS$$

Utah Transit Authority needs a new Computer System to do the Scheduling for Paratransit. The Paratransit Drivers are Driving from one End of Town to another many time having to Pick-Up of two Customers at two different addresses. UTA is not Saving any Money by Enforcing the ¾ Mile, “Example UTA will not take anyone on Paratransit that lives in Bountiful to the Bountiful Temple but Paratransit can take them the Jordan River Temple”. UTA needs to Eliminate the Mobility Center. UTA needs to Lower the Fare for Paratransit to $2.00 each way or have a Bus Pass. There are Elderly and Disabled Individuals that can’t afford to pay $4.00 each way to get out in the Community. With a New Computer System for Scheduling UTA also needs a Good Bus System to reduce the Cost and Need for Paratransit.  Taxpayers Pay 75% of the Fares for Paratransit or UTA would forced to Lower the Fare if Taxpayers did not Pay the Fare.


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