More Truth about Granite High Property

Mary Kae Barton Rapp
Unfortunately I think she did. She is totally desperate. Too bad the citizens don’t know what kind of shape the school is really in. City destroyed the water lines when they left them on during a really cold winter a few years ago when the city was leasing the building. Too bad they don’t know that the city still hasn’t paid the district back all of the money they owe them for leasing the building and too bad they don’t know that the superintendent isn’t interested in selling the building to the city. Too bad the mayor isn’t willing to tell the citizens that a 13 million dollar bond would only buy the building but that it would sit vacant for years until she passed another bond to update and fix the building. And that bond would have to be for at least 30 million dollars to fix everything…maybe even more. But she likes the citizens to be kept in the dark. It gives her more power to get what she wants!!


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