The Truth about Granite High School Property

Mary Kae Barton Rapp

1 hr ·

Have been officially banned from make it a park page. I will wear it as a badge of honor. Citizens of South Salt Lake there is another side to this story. If you want another page to get real city information from join citizens for a responsible south salt lake. Real citizens who can share their opinions without being shut up and censored. Everyone has the right to their own opinion and to share it without being blocked and deleted. There is another side of the story about granite high. The truth is that when the city leased the building from the school district a few years back the city didn’t turn off the water during a particularly cold winter and blew all the pipes. Vandals have broken in and stripped all of the copper from the electrical. The city still hasn’t paid the district all of the money they owe them from when they leased it and the superintendent says he has absolutely no interest in selling it to the city by going down in price and if the contract with Garbett Homes doesn’t go through he will put up a 12 foot high fence around the entire property and let it sit vacant for the next 10 years. How do I know this? My husband and part of the city council personally met with him for 2 hours a few weeks ago. Why don’t the citizens of the city know about this? Because the mayor has more power when we are ignorant. The building needs millions of dollars in improvements and the district isn’t willing to sell It to the city for the price the city wants. The city council couldn’t get any answers from the mayor so they went straight to the source. So we can let it sit vacant and crime become even more rampant or we can put some businesses there that would give the city some much needed tax dollars. Call or email your city council representatives and encourage them to make the best decision for all of the citizens of south salt lake and not just those in district 4. This decision affects all of us not just a few!!


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