You can make Fun of me, I face my Challenges and Problems Head On

     I have traumatic brain injury from auto/pedestrian 21 year ago. I do not        expect people to feel sorry for me. I am working hard on rebuilding my life to              go into business for myself I have run into road blocks because of cuts from programs    but I am not giving up.  Like I said face my Challenges and Problems Head on. Mayor Cherie Wood has not face the fact that South Salt Lake City has $800,000 Sale Tax Deficit. Mayor Cherie Wood has problems with communication with Granite School District and Garbett Homes. You can all make fun of me but I have elected officials from other cities following me South Salt Lake City is a Dumping Ground.  The Granite High School Property could become the new homeless shelter or come March 31,2016 the Granite School District put a fence around the Granite High School property for 10 Years.


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