Mayor Cherie Wood you do not Care

Well any kind of development for granite high is dead. Mayor vetoed the city councils vote today. She didn’t have the nerve to do it last night at city council she, very bravely, sent out an email today filled with lies and killed all of Garret’s plan! Mind you, she has never vetoed a city councils vote before but she had also always had a city council on her side until now! I hope the building sits there and rots and the crime that is there now gets even worse and all of those citizens over there who complained about every idea that came before them dare complain when it just sits there for years. You can bet on a third bond coming before the city to buy the property. We will have no money to retrofit the building but she is darn well going to try and get her way…again! She doesn’t give a damn that it hasn’t passed twice before!!!


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