From Make it a Park Mayor Wood Veto

MAYOR WOOD VETOED the City Council vote!!!

Let’s rally behind our Mayor and show her our support, let’s fill the room and voice our support of this Veto!

City Council Meeting 23 MARCH

Once again, if you can’t attend, feel free to send me a statement to read on your behalf, please include your name and address if you do this.
Take Care

Please contact Mark Kindred, Portia Mila, and Sharla Beverly and let them know you support them and expect them to stand strong.

They were voted in because they supported open space and proper development of the property.

———- Forwarded message ———-

Today I vetoed ordinance number 2016-02 An ordinance of the City of South Salt Lake City Council amending the Future Land Use Map designation of the General Plan from New Historical and Future Park to Master Plan in an area as described herein (former Granite High School campus). My statement of objections, along with the ordinance are attached.

According to the City’s municipal code regarding a veto by the Mayor, Chapter 1.12.010 says “… the city council shall, at its next meeting, reconsider the ordinance… If after reconsideration it again passes by a vote of at least two-thirds of all city council members, it shall be recorded and thereafter be in force.”

Rule 15 Vetoes, of our City Council Rules, states “…Reconsideration by the City Council to pass an ordinance… vetoed by the Mayor shall occur only once, and cannot be revisited after the first reconsideration by the City Council.”

The reconsideration of this ordinance will be on Unfinished Business of the next Council meeting, March 23, 2016.

Mayor Cherie Wood


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