Mark Kindred only Listen to the Residents in District 4

So angry at make it a park people for praising the city council members who didn’t vote for the zone change for granite high property. They have said Kevin Debbie and Shane are against green space, accused them of taking bribes and just tonight are asking mark kindred, Sharla Beverley and Portia Mila to not give in to the “venom” of the other 4 members and vote for it when they do a revote. If anyone knows Kevin they know how environmentally friendly he is. Our yard is planted with cacti and plants that take up very little water, he can’t kill spiders or bugs, is very outspoken about climate change, and doesn’t use pesticides.
He is a botanist after all! His degree is all about plants!!! So, have been waiting to drop this bombshell. A few weeks ago Kevin, Debbie and Mark Kindred went out to visit a small neighborhood Walmart in Taylorsville. After the tour Mark Kindred told Kevin and Debbie how much he loved it and how it would be a great addition to our city. But then he said he wouldn’t vote for it. It would be “political suicide” for him to vote for it. The residents of District 4 voted him in and he didn’t want them mad at him. When Kevin mentioned that he is a councilman for the entire city he said he wouldn’t vote for it. That is the kind of city councilman that people voted in! He is more worried about his political career rather than doing the right thing!! I am going to again ask you all to contact your city council person and let them know how you feel. They need to hear from the other side!!! They can’t use that as an excuse for not voting for it again if they know people are for this!!

 Tammi Diaz
   Mark Kindred will be Sorry once Granite School District put up a 12 Foot Fence or the County come in to Build a New Homeless Shelter the Jail just right down the Street. I sure Hope the 4 District Crime Sky Rockets.  South Salt Lake City has a $800,000 Sale Tax Deficit. I am contacting Elected Officials know that Mayor Cherie Wood would welcome the Homeless Shelter after the Veto of the Zone Change, she is Anti-Development.

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