South Salt Lake City is not On the Move

   I just cannot Believe it is only two Blocks that in District 4 and Mayor Cherie Wood trying stop the the Development with Garbett Home. Porta Taylor Mila, Sharla Beverly and Mark Kindred who is Senior Vice President Real Estate Acquisition and Development at Sentry Financial Corporation and Mark Kindred Voted No for Zone Change. These three City Council Members are the Mayors Puppets so they have chosen not to Listen to the Residents of South Salt Lake City. I have talk too People that live in Districts 3 and 4 they want the Development. Garbett Homes it is a Good Quality Development there is nothing Negotiate. South Salt Lake City has a $800,000 Sale Tax Deficit. Mayor Cherie Wood took a $6000 Pay Increase and New Vehicle and also Involved in giving away two Street she did Listen to the People in District 1. Mayor Cherie Wood South Salt Lake City is the most Dangerous, Poorest and Expensive City in the State of Utah. I would like to say Thank You to these City Council Members Ben Pender, Kevin Rapp, Shane Siwik and Debbie Snow for Listening to the People and Vote for what is Best for South Salt Lake City.


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