A Message to Make it a Park

Christopher Rapp to Make It a Park

Attacking the majority of the city council, calling their actions illegal, etc. is deplorable. The majority of the city council are trying to take actions on a property that has been sitting for ten years. The mayor has not done her job to the best of her abilities, she has not acted in the benefit of all citizens of South Salt Lake, she has instead, started rumors and lies about the opposing council members.

Before attacking a majority, please widen your narrow perspective to the desires of all the city’s districts, not only those nearby. Don’t claim transparency is being sacrificed before understanding the true nature of the situation. If you are going to bring personal issues into the scope of this issue, why are the mayor’s personal opinions not being considered? Why will she not cooperate with Garbett homes? I find it quite ironic that you speak of animosity in our city when you yourself are threatening legal action against someone you simply don’t agree with.

Disgusting and toxic. Our city will never progress under a mayor who advocates this behavior.


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