From Make it a Park 2

I spoke with Mark Kindred this morning. He said he will NOT be changing his vote in support of the developers. Thank you, Mark!!

But all of you, please keep calling Mark, Portia, and Beverly to let them know how wonderful they are for looking at the “big picture” and doing what’s best for our neighborhood.

Debbie and Kevin must put aside their personal grudges against the mayor and do what is right for our neighborhood. Everybody has coworkers who they are not fond of. You be civil, work together, as required, stay away from each other as much as possible, but you do your job. Doing what is best for our city is the council’s job.

Tammi Diaz

It has nothing to do with having a grudges against Mayor  Wood their Responsibility is to listen to the Citizens for Kevin Rapp it is District 2, and Debbie Snow it is to Listen all the Majority of what all the Citizens of South Salt Lake City want also do what is right for the city has a whole, not just Represent not just in District 4.  South Salt Lake City has a $800,000 Sale Tax Deficit.  South Salt Lake is Losing Thousands of Sale Tax because people are going to Salt Lake City, Murray to Shop because there are not affordable Grocery Store. The more people spend $$MONEY$$ Sale Tax to help Keep Property Taxes Down and meet the City needs. 


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