From Make it a Park 3

!!!!BE READY!!!!

Word on the street is that the Council majority may try to hold an emergency meeting so they can vote again on changing the city’s General Plan. To undo the veto.

That means they only have to attempt to give notice to the other members of the council.

They want to vote without Portia, Sharla, and Mark being present.

**They Do Not Need to Notify the Public.**

This is illegal and definitely not transparent government if they try this.

Not to mention they will definitely get some lawsuits against them.”

Let’s hope it is just a rumor but it is best for us to be ready.


Tammi Diaz

  The Vote will be on March 23, 2016 at the Regular City Council Meeting. They can’t undo the Veto with 4 Council Members and its illegal for than 3 City Council Member to talk about City Issues. Mayor Cherie Wood, Mark Kindred, Sharta Beverly and Porta Taylor Mila are Invited. The Public is also Invited but No Public Comments.


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