Mayor Cherie Wood Refuses to Deal with the Real Problems in the City

Mary Rapp

Make it a Parks are now saying that Kevin and Debbie have a personal vendetta against the Mayor and that is why they are voting the way they are. Let me make something very clear. Kevin would never let a personal vendetta get in the way of his making the best possible decision for our city. But there are some things you should all know. For 2 years the City Council had a 5-2 majority with Kevin and Debbie usually on opposite sides of the others. 5 to 2 majority means that she can’t veto anything. The other city council members were the “venomous” ones with Mike Rutter being the worst. Most information was kept from Debbie and Kevin. The Mayor controlled ALL information and certain City Council members had it and the other 2 didn’t. Last year Garbett gave the city a preliminary plan for their development. Kevin didn’t even see if for weeks. The other Council members had gotten it and he hadn’t. If he had an ordinance he wanted to pass the other 5 members knocked it down. Debbie and Kevin couldn’t get anything done for the citizens of the city. The street closures? Who were the only ones that voted it down? Kevin and Debbie. There is still one sitting council member on the council who voted for it and is being applauded for siding with the Mayor against Garbett. The Mayor met with certain City Council members without the whole council present. Illegal? Most likely. She controlled everything! Then in January she got a city council in who no longer sides with everything she wants. Is she mad? How is a City council supposed to run. Is the Mayor supposed to be able to control everything that goes on in their city? There are supposed to be checks and balances. There is supposed to be a city council who doesn’t always side with the Mayor. If that wasn’t the case, which has been for almost her entire tenure, then the Mayor would be allowed to do whatever she wants legal or not. In the best interests of the city or not. 2 years ago Kevin asked for money to help the infrastructure of our city. Our sewer system hasn’t been updated since it was put in. It never even got put into the budget. The head of public works thanked him afterwards because he said no one on the city council had ever asked for money for public works. The police department has wanted body cams for a few years now and still don’t have them. But she got her 2nd brand new car from the city council last year and got a $6,000.00 raise. WHO HAS THE BEST INTERESTS OF THE CITY IN MIND. You decide.



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