Mayor Cherie Wood South Salt Lake City is in Crisis

Mayor Cherie Wood

From the Mayor’s State of the City address today: “I have watched my community struggle for nearly a decade over the former Granite High School property.

When the school was closed we created new pathways for our high schoolers to succeed in the absence of such a great institution. Then in a bond election an attempt to preserve this community treasure was blocked. Now, for the first time in my memory, the community has stepped up and fought hard for a development that would honor our community, our neighborhoods, and the great historic value of this property. But a majority vote by city council changed the General Plan to move forward with a developer’s plan.

We are not desperate!

We are a first class community that deserves a first class project.

We must consider more than how much quick revenue can be generated and how many homes can be built. A viable plan must connect the property from its historical past to its potential future.

Therefore I vetoed the ordinance to amend the General Plan.

I am concerned about the size and scale of the proposed retail uses, and the impact it will have on traffic and community identity. Unlike our downtown redevelopment project, that includes a grocery store, new housing, and convenient access to transit and highways, the Granite High School site is surrounded by single-family neighborhoods.

I am concerned about the proposed green space in the developer’s plan. Who is paying for it? Who is developing it? Who is maintaining it? If it’s the city we need to know what those costs are. The residents deserve to know the developer is not paying for it, especially when we just had a Parks bond that failed in November.

Not all development sites are equal, and the old Granite High School site presents opportunities and challenges that are found nowhere else in the community. I am concerned about losing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to develop this site that respects a community legacy of over 100 years. Therefore, planning for the redevelopment of the Granite High School site deserves scrutiny, diligence, and collaboration between community stakeholders.

The City Council has announced a Special Meeting to reconsider my veto, at 7:30 PM, Monday, March 21st, in the City Council Chambers at City Hall.

Tammi Diaz

   Mayor Cherie Wood South Salt Lake City has a $800,000 Sale Tax Deficit.


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