Make it a Park 9

City Council will try to vote down the Mayor’s veto this Monday.
7:30pm Monday 21 March City Bldg – the usual place
Debbie Snow has closed the meeting to public comment.

You presence is still needed at this meeting to support the Mayor, Mark, Portia, and Sharla.

See you on Monday.

 Tammi Diaz

   I am prepare for the Zone Change not to Pass because the Mayor does not to so let her Memories go of Granite High School. It has been on the Ballot Twice it Failed both Times. If the Zone does not Pass the County or the State of Utah will buy the Granite High School Property. Mayor Cherie Wood does not Believe in True Democracy. Mayor Cherie Wood also Believe does Believe in Free Speech she has Block Residents of South Salt Lake City from facebook pages. For months I could not even email the Mayor or City Council because she had my email spam but Thanks to the new City Council Mark Kindred got it taken Care of.  Mayor Wood does not Really Care she gave two Streets Truman Ave and Burton Ave. Mayor Wood want Total Control of South Salt Lake City Government.


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