Mayor Cherie Wood you can’t make Wise Adult Decisions

  There is no Developers that will come to South Salt Lake City ontil you are no Longer the Mayor of South Salt Lake City to Develop the Granite High School Property, you will the Andi-Development Mayor that hide behind the City Attorney.  That offer you turn away is the offer the Best the city will ever get, now all Historical Preservation for the Granite High School are gone. The Old Granite High School is a Total Liability for the Granite School District and for South Salt Lake City. Also Costing Granite School District a lot $$MONEY$$ to Maintain Property Cost Money that could go toward our Children Education. Mayor Cherie Wood just want to keep the Granite High School Building for your Memories. The Granite High School need to be Torn Down and Every Brick taken to the Dump. The Mayor Cherie Wood does Care about that South Salt Lake City has a $800,000 Sale Tax Deficit, she also does not Care that Residents are taking Thousand of their Sale Tax $$DOLLARS$$ else where to Pay others Cities BILLS.


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