From Citizens for a Responible South Salt Lake City

Granite High School Property Timeline


1907 – Granite High School opened


2009 – Granite High School closed


2009 – City leaders commissioned a study to determine the feasibility of creating a civic center on the Granite High campus while preserving the character of the buildings


2010 – Board of Education determined to surplus the property


4/11 – Granite High property leased to the city


8/3/11 – SL Trib reports $25M bond put on the November 2011 ballot for the purchase of the Granite property


8/4/11 – Utah Taxpayers Association report: “As a result of that long term of the [$25M, 30-year] bond, taxpayers are going to be on the hook for almost $9 million more in interest. And we think this is very problematic,” said Taxpayers Association Research Director Jackie Evans


11/4/11 – Citizens for a Responsible South Salt Lake revealed that the city expended more than $92,000 in promoting the Granite Bond; city-funded pamphlet declared that “Purchasing and reusing the old Granite High School property is a once in a lifetime opportunity


11/8/11 – SSL voted down $25M bond by 11 votes


11/22/11 – Canvass narrowed bond defeat to 9 votes

10/2/12 – Mayor Wood announced that Granite High property was to become a film studio; film studio was to be ready by early 2013


3/19/13 – SL Tribune revealed that film studio deal was a “dream,” never actually inked


9/2/14 – Board of Education decided to hire commercial broker to assist with the sale of the property


10/14/14 – CBRE was hired as the commercial broker to market the property


2/23/15 – GSD recommended the Board of Education approve the sale of the property to Garbett/Wasatch for $10.6M for the development of the property


1/7/16 – Mayor-appointed Planning Commission (7 members) voted unanimously to approve the proposal to change the general plan for Garbett/Wasatch  to master plan (which would allow development of the property to go forward)


2/24/16 – City Council passed Ordinance 2016-02 which would amend the general plan to master plan for the development of Granite High by 4-3 vote


3/10/16 – Mayor vetoes Ordinance 2016-02 amending the general plan to master plan


3/21/16 – Reconsideration of the veto; issue tabled because the three dissenters from the 2/24/16 vote did not change their position


3/23/16 – Disclosed during city council meeting that the city has paid more than $2 million since 2011 in leasing, maintaining, and trying to purchase the property


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