This was such a Good Deal for South Salt Lake City

This is the site plan presented by the developers at last night’s special meeting on Granite High. It shows a portion of the 75 single family homes on the right-hand side, the 4 acre park in the middle, the neighborhood grocery store next to the park, and the smaller commercial pads bordering along 3300 South on the north. This is what was recklessly vetoed by the Mayor!

Mayor Wood will not stop in her relentless pursuit to acquire the property as public property and raise property taxes to do so. The people have rejected two bonds on this issue – the 2011 Granite High bond and the 2015 green space bond. When will the voice of the people be heeded?

The developer offered to give us 1 acre of the park and develop it for us at no cost. The School District offered us a loan of about $1.5 million to purchase the remaining 3 acres of park space and said we could have 10+ years to pay it off! Our payments would have only been about $150,000 per year on the loan and the tax revenue from the commercial development would have more than doubled the loan payment! The commercial development portion would have paid for the park so that nobody’s property taxes would have to be raised and we would still all have a 4 acre park! Citizens for a Responsible South Salt Lake believe the veto of this project was irresponsible.

Citizens for a Responsible South Salt Lake's photo.

Tammi Diaz

The Future of Granite High School Property is Unknown with the Mayor Cherie Wood Veto, No Developer is going to come to South Salt Lake City because of she is Andi-Development Mayor. All Mayor Wood wants is the Granite High School Building because she went to High School.


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