The Granite High Project is not Possible

Bob LeMone What I do not understand is why our mayor never talked to Garbett Homes They tried over and over for a year to try and talk to her and she refused to see them. Why? t Even Before there was any discussion of a Walmart. The Walmart Express that you are showing are 7-11 type store Not Walmart Grocery stores. Do you really think a grocery store on 3300 south would go broke when there are no grocery stores in the south end of the city? If people in the area didn’t like the Walmart grocery store, Fine. But why wasn’t our mayor willing to talk to the developers for over a year and reach a Compromise ? How can a developer honor the legacy of granite when they are demolishing the buildings? Now the district will have that responsibility.

Tammi Diaz

This Development would have brought much needed Tax Revenue to the City but the Mayor Veto it because Mayor Cherie Wood Granite High School Building. The Granite High Project will not Work for the South Salt Lake City. South Salt Lake City is Facing a $800,000 Sale Tax Deficit. South Salt Lake City is Losing Thousand of Sale Tax Dollars because Residents are going else where to Grocery Shop.


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