Is WinCo really coming to South Salt Lake City

WinCo and the E.P.A.

A Done Deal or Not ?

We were told by the city that the new WinCo store on 2160 South State would open by this Thanksgiving. Surprise it will not.

The land that the city bought at Central Pointe for WinCo once had houses on it. Years ago they were bulldozed into their basements and covered with dirt. Now the Environmental Protection Agency
(E.P.A.) is requiring the city to dig down 12 feet and remove the debris and fill it back up again over acres of city owned land. The costs of this seems to be unknown. Did the city know about this when they bought this toxic land at Central Pointe?

Randy our city official working on this project called it,” A Project from Hell” at last nights R.D.A. meeting. WinCo has put no money out yet.

A city council member asked last night if WinCo had signed a lease with the Boyer Company who are the developers. Randy replied, ” I believe a lease has been signed with contingencies”.
You would think our city council would have the opportunity to look at this lease that affects the entire city.

The one store that will be happy to hear this news ? Reams.


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